1. Why can’t the phone’s WebCam drive normally?

To use WebCam, Windows 2000 should be patched to Service Pack 4, Windows XP should be patched to Service Pack 2, Windows 2003 should be patched to Service Pack 1. It doesn’t support other system.

2. Why cannot the PC recognize the phone after the phone is connected with PC via data cable and “COM Port” is chosen on the phone end?

You should choose “Install USB Data Cable Driver” in the installation interface. If the case mentioned above still remains after you have installed the Driver successfully, you need reinsert the data cable and choose “COM Port” on the phone end, install the data cable driver again, and then the PC should recognize the phone.

3. Why can’t phone be connected to the software for the first time connection?

You must choose “COM Port” on the phone in the first time connection between phone and software, then the connection will be successful.

4. Why can’t the connection between phone and software be successful when using USB data cable to connect?

When you use USB data cable to connect phone with the software, the phone will hint you to set USB configuration, at the time, you should choose “COM Port” or “Mass storage” on the phone end (You must choose “COM Port” for the first time connection).

5. Why the software can’t connect with phone after installing software and setting all the connection parameters correctly?

Now, you may need to restart computer or phone.

6. Why is the list of “Select Addresses” empty in SMS Editor or MMS Editor?

Because if you didn’t do the download operation to any contact’s node of Phonebook Management after running our software, the list of “Select Addresses” window you opened in SMS Editor or MMS Editor is empty.

7. Why does the software hint “Fail to upload files. Memory is full, cannot write any item.” when uploading MMS file to the phone?

Because the phone only supports to upload the MMS file whose size is less than 300k, the software will hint when its size is beyond 300k.

8. Why can’t the MMS file newed or uploaded be seen in some boxes of MMS Manager?

The MMS newed or uploaded in any boxes of MMS Manager will be saved in phone’s Drafts, so you can not see them in other boxes.

9. Why the tone and video function of the Software cannot work normally after installing some multimedia player software?

This is because there are conflicts between the Software and the en/decoder plug-in of multimedia player software. To remove the conflicts, you just need to reinstall the Software.