Synchronization Operation

Click Alcatel PC Suite sync syncsync Synchronization Operation, the Sync window will pop up.

Alcatel PC Suite sync en 1 Synchronization Operation

There are six options: Communication, Conflict, Data Synchronization, Log, Help and Exit.

  • Alcatel PC Suite sync communication Synchronization Operation Communication:Lists the configuration of current communication. Click Alcatel PC Suite sync set Synchronization Operation to modify the communication configuration, just like clicking Alcatel PC Suite main option Synchronization Operation-> “Options”.

  • Alcatel PC Suite sync conflict Synchronization Operation Conflict:If the same record in both data sources is modified, a conflict will occur during synchronization. You need set up a policy to deal with conflict in the process of synchronization.

    Remind user:There will be a dialog to advise you that a conflict has happened, you can choose how to solve the conflict.

    Replace records with Phone (1):In the process of synchronization, if a conflict occurs, the content of PIM will be replaced with the content of Phone.

    Replace records with PIM (2):In the process of synchronization, if a conflict occurs, the content of Phone will be replaced with the content of PIM.

    Ignore it, do not change any side:Ignore the conflict and maintain the records of the phone and PIM.

  • Alcatel PC Suite sync sync Synchronization Operation Data Synchronization:Execute the synchronize operation.

    Sync Model:Include slow synchronization and auto select.

    PIM:You can select Outlook Express (which is showed as Windows Contacts in Vista system), Microsoft Outlook, Notes and so on.

    Sync Type:Support Contact synchronization which means to synchronize contacts between phone and PIM (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Notes).

    When you finish the setting, please click Alcatel PC Suite sync start Synchronization Operation (Sync) to begin the Synchronization.

  • Alcatel PC Suite sync log Synchronization Operation Log:You can check the time history of synchronization here. Double click one synchronization time, you can open the relevant “Sync log” page, click Alcatel PC Suite sync lognewest Synchronization Operation to open the newest “Sync log” page where you can check the detailed information about synchronization.

    Alcatel PC Suite sync en 2 Synchronization Operation

  • Alcatel PC Suite sync help Synchronization Operation Help:Check help file of the software.

  • Alcatel PC Suite sync exit Synchronization Operation Exit:Exit Sync dialog.

    Note: You can synchronize your phone with Outlook Express that must be run at least once before sync.

Synchronization Operation