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(Only supported by Crystal, ELLE N3, GLAMPHONE ELLE, GLAMPHONE ELLEA, Mandarina Duck, Mandarina Duck Moon, Miss Sixty, OT-600, OT-660, OT-C700 C700A, OT-C701 C701A, OT-C707 C707A, OT-C717 C717A, OT-C820 C820A, OT-C825 C825A, OT-I650, OT-S621, OT-S626 S626A, OT-V607A, OT-V670 V670A, OT-V770 V770A).

Alcatel PC Suite musicplaylist en 2 Music Library

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia toright Music Library Add to phone playlist: Add files in local Music library to phone playlist. Select music files in local area and one playlist in phone area, click “Add to phone playlist”, The software will ask you whether to upload the selected files to playlist or not. If you did not select a playlist in phone area when uploading music files, the software will lead you to new a playlist.
Alcatel PC Suite filemedia toleft Music Library Copy to computer: Download one phone playlist or together with its music files together from to computer. Select a playlist in phone area and click this icon, the software will ask you to set the path to save the playlist. At the same time, you are asked that if you want to download the music in the playlist or not. After that, the downloaded music files will be added into Music Library automatically, and the playlist will be also added into local area’s playlist.

Alcatel PC Suite musicplaylist addfile Music Library Add music files to Music Library.

Alcatel PC Suite musicplaylist addfolder Music Library Add all the music files of a folder to Music Library.

Alcatel PC Suite musicplaylist class Music Library Rate selected items.

Alcatel PC Suite musicplaylist deletetfile Music Library Delete the selected file from music library.

Music Library