Picture Editor

Double-click or “Right-click -> Edit” a picture file in the File and Multimedia Manager, you will enter “Picture Editor”.

Alcatel PC Suite media en pictureeditor Picture Editor

Alcatel PC Suite picedit open Picture Editor  Open files from the certain directory of PC.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit save Picture Editor  Save the modification to the picture in the Editor.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit saveas Picture Editor  Save the picture as other name, or save it into another directory.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit undo Picture Editor  Undo latest operation.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit redo Picture Editor  Redo the operation that just was undone.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit capture Picture Editor  Click to enter “Capture Genius”.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit preview Picture Editor  Preview the picture in a separate window.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit 90cw Picture Editor  Rotate the picture 90 counterclockwise from present position.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit 90ccw Picture Editor  Rotate the picture 90 clockwise from present position.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit fliphorizontal Picture Editor  Flip the picture horizontally.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit flipvertical Picture Editor  Flip the picture vertically.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit zoom Picture Editor  Zoom in or zoom out to fit the picture size to phone screen.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit cutout Picture Editor  Cut out and keep down the part of picture inside selection.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit adjustcolor Picture Editor  You can adjust the picture’s color by moving the TrackerBar, and you can press “Restore” button to return to default value.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit invertcolor Picture Editor  Set the picture’s color in reverse.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit adjustsize Picture Editor  You can change “Image size” or “Canvas size” by input value.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit loadchildimage Picture Editor / Alcatel PC Suite picedit mergechildimage Picture Editor  Click “Load Child Image”, then you can import a picture as a child picture of the present picture. You can drag it to the proper position, and double click it or select the “Merge Child Image” from the right mouse menu to merge the loaded picture into the present picture. If you want to delete the loaded picture, you can click “Delete Child Image” of right mouse menu. But please note, if you have finished the mergence, the function of “Delete Child Image” is disabled.

Alcatel PC Suite picedit text Picture Editor  Add text in the picture, you can set color, size and so on.

Note: If the input characters become abnormal, please choose appropriate font and script in the “Font” menu.

There’re some tools listed on the left, such as Clear Canvas, Pencil, Zoom in and Zoom out, Set Color and so on. Preview area is on the right of the Picture Editor, the size of phone screen and the selection area are shown here. In thin area, you can also fix selection area and set view mode.

Capture Picture: Click “Toolbar -> Capture” in “Picture Editor” or “Animation Editor”, a window named “Capture Genius” will pop up.

Alcatel PC Suite media en capturegenius Picture Editor

There’re two modes to capture picture, and left-click is to confirm the captured picture, right-click is to cancel the capture.

Free area: The size of picture to be captured can be changed.

Fixed area: The edge of capture frame cannot be dragged, and the picture size cannot be changed, because the size of capture frame is set in advance in “Capture Genius”->”Set Area”.

After confirming the capture, the interface will return to “Capture Genius”. Click “OK” to edit the picture, and click “Capture” to capture again.

Picture Editor