PIM Introduction

PIM is the abbreviation for Personal Information Manager. Microsoft Outlook is a PIM you may be familiar with. Outlook Express and the IBM Lotus Notes are PIMs too. PIM can help manage your personal information, such as Contacts, Calendar, Task, Note, email etc. Calendar includes Appointment, Meeting and Event.


You can see PIM folders on the software only after you have installed the corresponding software.

It’s necessary to configure the Outlook, Express, Notes when it is the first time for you use them, otherwise the functions of PIM may not be used. If you don’t configure the “Outlook” in advance, the software will pop up “Outlook” configuration Wizard when you run the software. But if it’s “Notes”, the Wizard won’t show, and you need configure it manually. Next, we introduce how to configure Notes 6.0:

1. In welcome interface, click “Calendar”, if you can enter “Calendar” interface, then no configuration is necessary, otherwise please go to the second step.
2. Run Notes, click “File” – “DataBase” – “New…”.
3. Input the following information in the popped up dialog: file name: “mail.nsf”, Template: “Mail (R6)”, and click OK.
4. Click “File” – “Preferences” -”location Preferences”, select “Mail” page in the popped up page.
5. Input mail.nsf in “Mail file”, and click top left corner “Save & Close”.
6. Go back to the first step, and check if the configuration is ok.

What’s The PIM