SMS Editor

Status Report

Alcatel PC Suite sms statusreport SMS Editor: if it is selected, you will receive a status report when the message is sent out, no matter the message is sent successfully or not.

Note: “Status Report” is selected as default in Chat Mode, and the selection can’t be cancelled.

Close SMS Editor window after message sent

Alcatel PC Suite sms closeaftersent SMS Editor (This item is selected as default): If it is selected, “SMS Editor” will be closed automatically after send message.

Note: No matter in “Local” folder or “Phone” folder, message sent successfully will be saved in the “Sentbox” of “Local” folder.

Signature setup

To set your personalized signature, go to “SMS Editor” and input your signature in the text editor beside “Signature”. The signature will be added to the end of the sent messages, and the number of signature’s characters also accounts into one message’s.

Alcatel PC Suite sms en 5 SMS Editor

Save messages

After editing a message, you can send it immediately or save it to “Local” / “Phone” folder for future use. Click Alcatel PC Suite sms new SMS Editor to open the “SMS Editor” window, input the SMS contents, you can press “Save” or use shortcut “Alt + A” to save the message to “Local / Phone / SIM card”.

Note: To save the message in the phone or Sim card, you must new it under “Phone” folder or its child folder, and you need upload it, to save the message in the “Local” folder, it’s not necessary to upload.

SMS Editor