Find, Print

You can click Alcatel PC Suite common find Find, Print, or “Ctrl + F” to find what you need. In the “Find Text” dialog, you can type “Find what”, “Find in”, “Match” and “Search”, and select “Match case” and “Match format”. You can find the next message by “Find next” .

Alcatel PC Suite sms en findin Find, Print

Click Alcatel PC Suite common print Find, Print, or Alcatel PC Suite main operate Find, Print ->”Print” or Press the shortcut key “Ctrl + P” to print the messages saved in the “Local” folder or “Phone” folder. The pop-up window allows you to set up the print properties, such as fields to be printed, by selecting “Printer Setup”.

Note: Anything that cannot be previewed will not be printed out. If the selected message cannot be shown in the “Preview” page, you must select “Preview -> Printer setup -> Stretch long lines”, otherwise the contents cannot be printed.

Alcatel PC Suite sms en printpreview Find, Print

Find, Print