Customize Video Manager

(Only supported by Amsterdam, Crystal, ELLE N3, GLAMPHONE ELLE, GLAMPHONE ELLEA, Mandarina Duck, Mandarina Duck Moon, Miss Sixty, Vip 626, MISS SIXTY MSX10, OT-600, OT-606 606A, OT-660, OT-708 708A, OT-800 800A, OT-802 802A, OT-802Y, OT-806 806A, OT-808 808A, OT-880 880A, OT-C700 C700A, OT-C701 C701A, OT-C707 C707A,OT-C717 C717A, OT-C820 C820A, OT-C825 C825A, OT-I650, OT-S621, OT-S626 S626A, OT-V607A, OT-V670 V670A, OT-V770 V770A, Alcatel Ray Q62).

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia en 5 Customize Video Manager

You can browse, play, covert format, cut video files save in PC and phone, transfer video files between PC and phone, the video file that have been converted its format or cut can be directly transferred to phone or saved to PC.

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia play Customize Video Manager Play the selected file.

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia pause Customize Video Manager Pause to play.

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia stop Customize Video Manager Stop to play, and the cursor will return to the start.

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia playselection Customize Video Manager Play the selected segment of the file.

Alcatel PC Suite filemedia setbegin Customize Video ManagerAlcatel PC Suite filemedia setend Customize Video Manager Mark the current position as start or end position.

When saving a file, you can choose “Reserve all” or “Reserve selected segment”, and “Upload to phone” or “Save to PC”.

Special hint:

For files in certain formats, you need download en/decoder plug-in to play them or do format conversion operation. You can click the link in hint window to download corresponding en/decoder plug-in.

Customize Video Manager