Customize MMS Manager

Alcatel PC Suite mms en 1 Customize MMS Manager

Support exchanging MMS files between PC and phone. In the file information area located in the bottom of Manager, you can check the basic information about local MMS file, such as file name, size and so on, and in the phone file information area, you can check file format supported by current phone folder.

Guide to new MMS:

At first, you need to open “Guide to new MMS” by clicking Alcatel PC Suite mms newmms Customize MMS Manager or right-clicking -> “New MMS”.

In “Guide to new MMS”, you can “Create new MMS” or open current MMS files of PC to edit, which is called “Edit current MMS”.

After clicking “Next”, you can set the mode to save MMS. That is to say, you can select to save MMS to PC, phone or both PC and phone.

After clicking “Next”, you will enter the “MMS Editor” to edit MMS.

Customize MMS Manager