Connect Phone

You should install the USB driver firstly, and then connect your phone with PC via data cable. Now, please select “COM port” or “storage card” on the phone end.


You must select “COM Port” on the phone end for the first time of connection.

If your phone is just powered on, please wait till it initialization is finished which may spend several minutes, otherwise the software may not work normally.

Run the software, you needn’t set any parameters, our software will detect your phone and establish connection with it .

Connection Guide

The guide will build a connection between your phone and PC.

You can click Alcatel PC Suite main option Connect Phone -> “Guide” or Alcatel PC Suite main option Connect Phone -> “Option” -> “Guide” to open the Connection Guide window.

Alcatel PC Suite guide en selecttype Connect Phone

Then, the software will search the devices that have connected to your PC. When the searching is completed, you will find your phone in the list. If there is no your phone, press “Refresh” to search again.

Double-clicking the device with the name of your phone in the list, or press “Connect”, the software will connect with your phone.

Alcatel PC Suite guide en connect Connect Phone

Connect Phone