System Requirements

To install ALCATEL PC Suite, your PC must has the following system requirements at least:

CPU: Equal to Pentium 300 MHZ or above.

RAM: 64M or above (128M is recommended).

Hard Disk: 64MB or above.

Operation System: Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7

Phone Model:

Amsterdam, Crystal, ELLE N3, GLAMPHONE ELLE, GLAMPHONE ELLEA, Mandarina Duck, Mandarina Duck Moon, Miss Sixty, Vip 626, MISS SIXTY MSX10, OT-600, OT-606 606A, OT-660, OT-708 708A, OT-800 800A, OT-802 802A, OT-802Y, OT-806 806A, OT-808 808A, OT-880 880A, OT-C700 C700A, OT-C701 C701A, OT-C707 C707A, OT-C717 C717A, OT-C820 C820A, OT-C825 C825A, OT-I650, OT-S520, OT-S621, OT-S626 S626A, OT-V570 V570A, OT-V607A, OT-V670 V670A, OT-V770 V770A, Alcatel Ray Q62

To connect your phone with your PC, you need the following product:

A suitable USB data cable.

System Requirements